valentines day…💖

​This one is for u my lovey dovey couples out there…💏
India … A duchy of festivals, of celebrations, do have an obtuse occasion called THE LOVE WEEK,

that’s definitely not something meant for geeks….😩

They call it valentines, manifesting their feelings to their so called ‘loves’ of life, humorously calling themselves bees and them their hives…😂😂

Surprisingly i don’t need a day to express my love to the hearts i love boundlessly, and trust me i don’t have one but a bunch of hearts with a piece of flesh shaping it flawlessly…😆

You shower roses, chocolates, proposals, teddy, hugs, kisses and promise those garden bench mates to walk with them miles(seriously😂), rather go to the ones you already have with you and do something worth to them you’ll surely own a luminous smile…:D 



​Long back i preferred them beside me, but unknowingly or knowingly i don’t know why they make me perceive that i am a she…👩

I duly know that i can stand still, and if not i know i will descend, i will dwindle but i ‘ll get through and i ‘ll definitely will…👊

I know you care but trust me that really scare …👻

Giggling around i still long for that pending patg you took back, care with a smart stand ypu still lack…🙍

Somewhere around the universe i know, i will assemble myself and throw rigorously to you to show….🙋
 Giving a few last words…

I ‘ll nurture yours from the bottom to the core, but i ‘ll never let down that place where i really wanna score…🎉🎊. 

The Lady I Adore 👸

​The lady i truly adore, wherever she gaits 100 is always the score…✨

She is the breath of the lane i live in, loved eternally and esteemed by each and every kin…👸

There is a bomb burning inside her i know, dolefully which never explodes  coz her mind is a bomb but heart subsumes merely snow…💨💨

‘Nos'(latin word for ‘we’) share an unvoiced bond, thy don’t need cream coated and faked words to make it last long ….💫

She stands here coz of the colossal sacrifices she made, i so hate some times! Those cultures she endure and that simplicity she carry which doesn’t give herself a stand…👤

Still! She is the one …👤




​When life gives you a new war to score, work hard to achieve more and more…👊

No one gonna lead your path, rather than you giving yourself a new start…👍

Your past will remain your past, don’t let it bother you coz it will never long last…👋

Take a deep breathe and look high what you have gained, coz that’s your hilarious life which you have named…👏

Look at those people standing in the crowd, coz you are one of those who wants to be crowned….👰

People will come and people will go but they will definitely let u know, but you have to be a heat on their snow…💨

And thus..

When you ‘ll achieve more and more, there’ll be a galaxy applauding for your score… 👌👍👏


​It all started with those eyes, someone says they never lies…👀

Those soo many eye locks, i still do some antics for which somebody will say she stocks…👧

I know thats a trophy which i barely deserve, but why the hell on earth he is so reserve…🙈

I owe u alot for thundering me up,

For bringing myself to a new level up…:)

Something impossible i know, still gathering the courage to show…👤

Still i know its a bit complicated in itself, via those smiles n gaze i still console myself..via those smiles n gaze i still console thyself…✌


​I can’t even show u the pain which i carry in me, please take it n bury that’s a plea…

I could see only dark nights of pain, with layers of tears and paths of vain…

Loading inside me a huge heap of regrets, where just my eyes could speak all my secrets…

Nothing but my closed palm know, my nails desperately speaks n that nails buried red palm show….

I couldn’t see the way outside the bush, please if somebody could initiate n give me a sympathetic push…

But someday i believe things will become myway, and someone i believe will help me turn a hopeful new way..

To The So Called “Feminists”…😒

​When you live in a society that dont let you breathe, they have different eyes for a boy and a girl to treat….😒

When a frnd of opposite gender is a blunder, where ppl have pea size mindset that too in a cylinder…💣

Especially when it comes to u “my girl“!, just one line “look before you do coz u r a girl“…👩

We have a boundary line we are encompassed in, you being with a pal named “boy” is a vital sin….👎

My girl! You are not just being judged by ur walk, ur talk, ur food and ur root, but also by some disgustingly diplomatic rule…👆

Who the hell u r trying to transform “miss feminist“? Your own procreator is in this spider web “how pathetic“….:'(

When your own ones miscalculated ur vision, asking u to stop giving them misery saying u r the reason….😌

Where the hell u r raging this battle? Where ur beloved ones are persisting u to settle…😫

Nothing but u r left with those red eyes brimming with tears, evaporating inside leaving the anger totally mere …totally mere !….😷



is merely like a memory  …. rapidly and exotically filling our gallery

Those sprinting lives wont come back in ur way…and that travelling exuberance wont stay

 Admiring the dense green blanket …..where merely a word could be heard its just peacefully silent

The travelling life moving in totally different four sides….nobody knows where life’s gonna take us on ride..