Lets Judge πŸ€—

They decide to build a wall around me, graving me inside to the culture and limits of a she ….

The blood flowing inside my naked flesh, i called upon and judged by the fabric i wear ! And they call me a mess….

I was a kid then i owed your opinions which i still respect though, now we still stand at the same platform with different thought coaches! So stop making my choices go low…

I puke over those hundred minds who pierce into my character to screw, but a single heart leaves me into pieces with whose pumped blood i grew…..

I have people around me of my kind like my wild side do, dont assume people hurting me coz i am far from that to show ….

Stop pushing me as per your comfort criteria you set, my freedom my people my aura are my non depreciable asset …


They say you expect from your paramour, to fetch you from a ill-lit high tide to the smooth shore…


You presume your flesh to hold you to undergo your springs, when your winter is on your life door and the unpleasant bell rings…

In the chronicle of thy muddled animation we knock around such eyes, manipulating our silly skills to expect from their leverage lies….

In a flash you realise the myth of expectations they carry, here you determine to kill these surmises and cry till the graveyard to burry….

But these stubborn sentiments make you fall for the expecting devil again, desolating thy soul till you walk to the emotionally dead lane….


Sailing in the ship of expectations finally you touch the shore, where you need just four shoulder no less or more…

Veil Of Marriage!!

When you leave the land you had been a princess of, you move to a state where if you are curvy and fair enough you are entitled to be showed off…

Once you were been asked what your taste buds crave for, now you are the last one to fill your belly  less or more….

Sensible humans in that land considered your opinion a substance, ur words .. Are ssshhed here in an instance …

Dear life partner consider her your friend before your wife, it will pour meaning to the half of your life ….

Lend your senses to her views, pull out the spark she supressed with her belongings in her suitcase, rather than considering her the only care taker you have for your hat till your shoelace….

Lets not make this pure ritual a jail for her soul, after 70 years of independence yet freedom shouldn’t be her mere goal…

The Space@@

​Scared of losing you is the pain, one day i ll be standing with sand flowing from hands like vain..

Yet feels so empty, empty is your space… DOlefully  just your glimpse is the solace …

My knees go weak, eyes just blink.. Taking my emotional water making me shrink …

If this is a myth,can i have it my whole life ? Coz the reality check is the bitter honey filled hive…

We have different weaknesses marked, u have ur own yet for u i have starved..

Demand for this space was never a choice, but not letting you down i promise, i ll never fade my voice …


Scared of losing you is the pain. Sand flowing from hands is the vain



EGO – You call it self worth !@!

I own a spectacular frnd of mine, crowd says together we enthusiastically shine….πŸ’₯

And there is an enemy ‘ego’ we call, that disastrous demon sucking inside all…πŸ‘€

We nurture this glistening rapturous bond sprouting inside us, i wonder this so called self worth is even invited between us…πŸ’€

Trust me this demonous patron is  surely an uninvited guest, which blindsidingly fractures everything and thus some words like” yah we should have talked” is the only zest….

Its a monster my frnd which feeds over ur plus one empty frndly sack, love me or hate me but truth is that trust is the only strand which dolefully lack….

You talk, you fight, you cry, you laugh, you sing, you go crazy coz thats wat make u on place, and ending it your slaps and ur abuses is the only solace….


So guys by your support i am able to develop my blog and throw a small contest …  JUST GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT 

Ok! So you people have to comment your best shot that is if you have written something or anything creative the best one choosen will be awarded a small reward … so guys this is the beginning support and do participate to win more ..

Love u all!

HAPPY ..😊😊

You call her fat you shout her plump, you tease her chunky still she is numb…😷

We are born plumpy that’s how maker destined us to be, so stop satisfying your slim self- esteem that’s a plea….πŸ˜”

Why its mandatory for us to be  fit? For a bunch of hypocrites to discard us! Holy shit…πŸ’©

My dear! Why are you asking me to cover when i have so much flesh to show, knowingly or unknowingly you let our self-esteem bow down low and low….

My dear society! Why cant your eyes give us love rather than lust, just coz we have curves more apexing ! Respect us and let the balloon burst…πŸ‘Έ

We are normal its just that we need a bit more space, we have the power to run but we petty you slim skeletons will lose the race….

We are fat not coz we eat spare,we are those happy and chubby creature daily appending a happy layer….

Happily ending it …

You call us fat call us healthy, still we simply gonna stay happy …βœŒπŸ˜ƒ


Hey readers this one is special…Its my father’s bday that is 26 feb.. soo i request you people to give your wishes through comments and make his day memorable… i knw you people read n like but this time plz plz plz respond … i know u people will…!!

He is the man i sincerely respect, he is my father or my best friend i still suspect…!!

We carry a love and hate😝 paranormal bond! I happily declare, but my anger, my sad eyes, and my mood swings are the only few things that make him scare….!!

I shout on him for not being that stand, but sometimes i realise things were not really in those hands…!!

He carry that burden”responsibilities he call”, and smiles, love and happiness that is something he buy for all…!!

He is the one to bring sweets and make me eat those. But those cycling sessions and exercises are the things surprisingly he chose…!!

He owns a fantabulous talent of giving that million dollar smile with those burden knocking him out, but trust me no one can stand him when he shouts….!!

Still i had him as the man i respect and once again my father or my best friend i still suspect…!!

Guys remember to comment….:)

valentines day…💖

​This one is for u my lovey dovey couples out there…💏
India … A duchy of festivals, of celebrations, do have an obtuse occasion called THE LOVE WEEK,

that’s definitely not something meant for geeks….😩

They call it valentines, manifesting their feelings to their so called ‘loves’ of life, humorously calling themselves bees and them their hives…😂😂

Surprisingly i don’t need a day to express my love to the hearts i love boundlessly, and trust me i don’t have one but a bunch of hearts with a piece of flesh shaping it flawlessly…😆

You shower roses, chocolates, proposals, teddy, hugs, kisses and promise those garden bench mates to walk with them miles(seriously😂), rather go to the ones you already have with you and do something worth to them you’ll surely own a luminous smile…:D 



​Long back i preferred them beside me, but unknowingly or knowingly i don’t know why they make me perceive that i am a she…👩

I duly know that i can stand still, and if not i know i will descend, i will dwindle but i ‘ll get through and i ‘ll definitely will…👊

I know you care but trust me that really scare …👻

Giggling around i still long for that pending patg you took back, care with a smart stand ypu still lack…🙍

Somewhere around the universe i know, i will assemble myself and throw rigorously to you to show….🙋
 Giving a few last words…

I ‘ll nurture yours from the bottom to the core, but i ‘ll never let down that place where i really wanna score…🎉🎊. 

The Lady I Adore 👸

​The lady i truly adore, wherever she gaits 100 is always the score…✨

She is the breath of the lane i live in, loved eternally and esteemed by each and every kin…👸

There is a bomb burning inside her i know, dolefully which never explodes  coz her mind is a bomb but heart subsumes merely snow…💨💨

‘Nos'(latin word for ‘we’) share an unvoiced bond, thy don’t need cream coated and faked words to make it last long ….💫

She stands here coz of the colossal sacrifices she made, i so hate some times! Those cultures she endure and that simplicity she carry which doesn’t give herself a stand…👤

Still! She is the one …👤